What is nedl?

As in needle in a haystack or the needle on your radio dial or record player.  nedl is a new app that is launching that lets you find any words that are being spoken or sung on live broadcast radio and listen to the stream that's playing it.


How does nedl do it?

We are using AI, specifically Natural Language Processing, to search over 100,000 live radio streams. Then we organize the information in a really cool way for people to find and select the radio station that happens to be playing what they're looking for at this moment.  That's when you take over.  When your programming is great, that listener will come back to you again and again for more great programming.


Why should I care?

Three reasons:

  • There is currently a race on:  Will Radio figure out Technology first?  Or will Technology figure out Radio first.  With nedl, Radio is figuring out Technology first and we like what that means for the future of Radio.

  • We're going to be generating a ton of data for radio stations to know what people are searching for every minute of every day.  We'd like to share that and more with you.
  • We'd like to share display ad and in-stream ad replacement revenue with you...if you're into that sort of thing. 


Don't you need a lot of scale before something like this works?

Not really.  We've figured out a way to keep our costs low and pass that savings onto you.  Buuuuuut,....we do have a team that has created and/or scaled products to 10's of millions of users before.  We also have deep relationships with some of the biggest influencers in media who will be helping us spread the word.  


Who's behind nedl?

Ever hire one of those non-stop AE's that just won't quit?  Well, our Co-founder started out as one of those.  He fell in love with radio as a kid and then started his career as an AE at WTOP in Washington, DC before going to 640AM KFI and then KLSX (Stern).  He partnered with some amazing tech and media people in Los Angeles and now here they are....   By Radio, and for Radio to help Radio succeed in the new millennium.  Really.


Why would I want listeners outside my terrestrial reach?

We monetize audiences before we bring them to you and then share a revenue split after a minimum threshold with all subscribers.  Just use the Contact form or Schedule an appointment and we'll share those affordable rates with you (hint: it's less expensive than you think).  


Will this compete with my own station app?

Think Twitter, SnapChat, and Facebook.  Right now your listeners have endless options including Pandora, and Spotify and you are not on those apps.  They compete directly with you for music listening if not indirectly for the the attention of that user.  nedl on the other hand is hopes to be an extension of you.  It is a way for people to have those open experiences mingled YOUR live stream to give you an opportunity to become their favorite destination.  Why not have one more way for people to discover your content?