We help radio listeners [and advertising dollars] find your live stream.


Introducing :

 Artificial Intelligence for Your Live Broadcast. 


“Artificial Intelligence is giving radio a new opportunity to turn the tables....”

-- Radio Ink


Imagine if every word spoken into your mic brought you ad revenue.



nēdl (like the haystack) is a search engine designed to make your live stream discoverable to radio listeners.  We turn every word you broadcast and note you play into a magnet to attract new listeners in real-time.

 Mobile users are searching for songs, news, information, and events that you're talking about right now.  But, because they don't know what's on your airwaves, they're going to other places --even though your live content is exactly what they want.  We'll direct the traffic to your live stream to increase your audience and revenue.  Choose the plan that's right for you below.


Subscription Plans

Now, every moment of your live stream can be searchable in real-time.


Do-it-Yourself Plan $299.95/annual subscription

We make it easy for you to DIY.  Get unlimited indexing For an unbelievably low Annual rate.

         Pro Plan          $399.95/monthly* subscription

If you are a larger enterprise, consider our fully automated plans.